Monday, November 30, 2015

Popular African Games for Kids!

The children of Africa have a few popular and traditional games in their continent that requires few to if any props. Their top 5 games include Mancala, Ampe, Kudoda, Nyama-Nyama-Nyama, and Stockings. While watching a few videos of these children, you can see how much they enjoy playing these games.

A few games that require some props include Mancala, Kudoda, and Stockings. Mancala is a game in which the children have a wooden board with a few indented holes and the objective is to take marbles and move them across the board. Whoever ends up with the most marbles on their side, wins. Kudoda requires a small bowl with 20-30 marbles or small stones, whichever the children can find. For this game, the children toss a stone as high as they can while grabbing as many stones from the bowl as possible before the stone drops. Whoever ends up with the most stones wins the game! Stockings is related to an activity everyone plays around the world: jump rope. Two children hold on to the rope, as one jumps in the center. The twist, though, is that they slowly raise the height of the jump until the jumper cannot jump the height of the rope. They can make it more difficult as well by adding another jumper to the mix.

The other two popular games, Ampe and Nyama-Nyama-Nyama, require no props and only the children. Ampe is a very interesting game, and it seems as if the children are dancing with a few claps involved. The objective of the game is to jump and land with one leg in front of the other and obtain points depending on which leg you and your opponent land on. Nyama is a game that involved the children's voices and creative minds. One child, the leader, yells out the name of an animal, and if the animal can be eaten the other children yell "NYAMA". Nyama actually means "meat". This is a very popular game for all ages in Africa.

While reading about these games, it shows how you can have nothing and still make something of it. They can make a game out of anything, and have a great time. One game I am very familiar with of theirs is Mancala. I used to play this game many times with my friends, and it is a very addicting and fun game. All of their popular games seem very interesting, and different.

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